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Now more than ever before, sports performance training is the dominating factor in an athlete’s sports playing success. 

Players competing at a high level understand the importance of sports training to maximize speed, agility, strength, and endurance. They seize every opportunity to improve themselves both physically and mentally helping them build confidence and resilience.
What is summer Sports prep:
Summer Sports Prep is 13 weeks of comprehensive sports performance training specifically designed to help male and female athletes prepare for their playing season and reach their athletic potential.
Every aspect of our this program – nutrition, warm-up, speed and power drills, strength and conditioning, and recovery are designed to maximize performance, durability, and confidence. 

Our programs are designed for specific age groups to target their physical and mental development.

MB Sports Training’s Summer Sports Prep will prepare you for your upcoming season, and put you on a direct path to maximal athletic development. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this training Sports Specific?
YES – BUT - Don’t be confused with practicing your sport itself. We do not practice sports skills. We create our programs to sharpen the tools you need to maximizing your sport skill development and lower the risk of common injuries within your sport. 

Can you help with nutrition?
Yes. Nutrition basics are included with this program teaching you what you need. For a more formal, customized nutrition training, join our Kick-Start Nutrition Club and get access to - customized for you - recipes, grocery list, food logging with your coach, and more.

How many sessions per week do you recommend?
Depending on age, commitment, and level, we recommend 3-4 days per week during the off-season, and 1-3 during the in-season.

Do you give workouts for home?
We do not. Training needs to include proper rest…this is where growth occurs. We ask that athletes follow the plan and rest properly which includes eating right, sleep, general physical activity, and quiet time.

Is there a payment plan or do I have to pay all up front?
Depending on length of training time, we can break down the full amount into 2 equal payments with an EFT from your checking account or credit card account. We also accept cash or check, but for this full payment is needed before we begin.

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